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Most of the pages now added to FlightLand.Net have been received through owner submission. Please be patient if you have submitted a site, and if it has been a long while don't be afraid to resubmit. Strong spam filtering has, in the past, thrown out good sites. Submit Related Sites! Image copyright: by The Aviation Links Page © 1997-2013, Flightland.net © 2000-2013, Flightland.us © 2013

Submitting Someone Elses Site

     A lot of good sites get on FlightLand.Net after being submited by people other then the site owners. Its great that vistors go out of there way to help out. Sites not submited by the owner/administrator may take longer and are more thoroughly inspected. In general the more information provided the easier the whole process is. Site name, type and description are good things to submit with the site. That said there are alot of sites submited as a simple url with no other comments, and eventually some of those get added. Site owners, for the quickest consideration and acceptance please use the site guidelines below.

General Guidelines for Submitting Your Own Site

Few of these guidelines are 'set in stone' however following them will speed up the process.

Please understand, not all sites will be accepted. FlightLand.Net reserves the right to decide what sites may or may not be added. FlightLand.Net is maintianed on a spare time basis, and on a limited set of resources some submissions have in the past been lost to system failure due to computer viruses / faulty old equipment. Don't be afraid to resubmit if no response has been given after a period of time.

With all that said a form system is being developed to automate the process some; until it's complete submission is still done the old fashioned way via email:

Submit a Great Site You Do Not Own

Submit Your Site Information for Consideration

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