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As a site grows it gets harder to keep up with all the new sites, here are some of the new additions to FlightLand.Net Submit Related Sites! Image copyright: by The Aviation Links Page © 1997-2013, Flightland.net © 2000-2013, Flightland.us © 2013

October 2011 Additions

Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre Added October 13 ,2011

Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum Added October 12 ,2011

Virginia Aviation Museum Added October 12 ,2011

Titan Aviation India Air Charter Service Company Added October 8 ,2011

Alaska Aviation Museum Added October 8 ,2011

Jet Charter Added October 5 ,2011

Kansas Aviation Museum` Added October 5 ,2011

Mesuem of Aviation Added October 5 ,2011

August 2006 Additions

WeatherBug Added August 9 ,2006

1001 Crash

July 2006 Additions

Indian Ocean Charters Maldives Added August 3, 2006

Siller Aviation Added July 22, 2006

March 2006 Additions

Adrian Starling Aviation Art Added March 23, 2006

Aeroclassified Added March 23, 2006

Affordable Air Charter Added March 23, 2006

Aviation.ca Added March 23, 2006

AvionicsList.com Added March 23, 2006

CharterX.com Added March 23, 2006

Executive Fliteways, Inc. Added March 23, 2006

Heliwest Oy Added March 23, 2006

Grange Air Champagne Balloon Flights Added March 23, 2006

The Aircraft Exchange Added March 23, 2006

Start-Flying.com Added March 23, 2006

May 2005 Additions

Bestaviation.net Added May 28, 2005

March 2005 Additions

Oxford Aviation Training Added March 05, 2005

APG Photography Added March 06, 2005

February 2005 Additions

South African Civil Aviation Authority Added February 24, 2005

Bureau of Meteorology Added February 24, 2005

AirlineSafety.com Added February 15, 2005

World Meteorological Organization Added February 09, 2005

Airship Heritage Trust Added February 06, 2005

AirSafe.com Added February 05, 2005

Aerospace Aviation Added February 02, 2005 - Australian Flight School.

Brian Power-Waters XIII Added February 02, 2005 - Author of many safety books.

Horizon Balloon Flights UK Added February 02, 2005

The Ultimate Tipsy Site Added February 02, 2005

January 2005 Additions

Air Cargo Safety Added January 31, 2005

Aviation Trivia Added January 31, 2005 - Accomplishments, wav sounds, pictures and specifications of hundreds of historical aircraft from the Wright Flyer to the F-35.

Becker Helicopters Added January 31, 2005 - Queensland, Australia: training videos, training books, and advanced flying (ie. sling, mountains, safety courses)

Century of Flight Added January 31, 2005 - "Featuring the history of aviation from ancient times to the conquest of space"

Flight HistoryAdded January 31, 2005 - "Dedicated to developing an extensive on-line archive of aviation history."

Flying Platform Added January 31, 2005 - Experimental VTOL Aircraft

Kestrel Aerospace Ltd UK Added January 31, 2005

Pilotfriend.com "Complete pilot resource centre." Added January 31, 2005

Sydney Flight Training Centre Australia Added January 31, 2005

10-4-11 Pruned and Updated History and Webring sections, fixed bad email avlinks@att.net on multiple pages.

3-23-06 New Catagory Created: Aircraft Charter / For Hire Services.

3-23-06 New Sub-Section: Avionics in Aircraft Sales / Classifieds.

2-15-05 Airships and Balloons Section Added.

2-15-05 Airports Section Added.

2-1-05 The Submit / Email options on the nav-bar is now divided into two new separate pages instead of just opening a mail form, began removing email address from all other pages in an attempt to reduce spam via spiders.

2-1-05 A link to FlightLand.Net has been added to the old site allowing access to FlightLand.Net. This is the first public access to FlightLand.Net.

1-31-05 This "Whats New" page has been added to show site updates and new sites added to FlightLand.Net.

1-31-05 Guestbook set up! Be sure to check it out, after quite a bit of fooling around with the thing its finally done... for now.

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