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Aviation History and Historic Aircraft

460 Squadron

B-24 Best Web

Century of Flight "Featureing the history of aviation from ancient times to the conquest of space"

336th Fighter Interceptor Squadron - F-86 Sabre jet Rocketeers

The Airshow - Golden Age of Aviation end of WW I to the start of WW II. Barnstorming, air racing, flying circuses, and Lindbergh's Atlantic crossing.

Warbirds - EAA

site contents Museums Top

Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre - Sault Ste Marie,Canada

Kansas Aviation Museum

The Airline History Museum Kansas City

Alaska Aviation Museum Anchorage, AK

Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum Home of The Spruce Goose, McMinnville, OR

Museum of Aviation Warner Robins, GA

Shannon Air Museum - Fredericksburg, VA Added March 4, 2023

Virginia Aviation Museum - Richmond, VA - sadly, the Science Museum of Virginia cannibalised this aviation museum closed in June 2016. It was a great place to visit.

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site contents People Top

Amelia Earhart

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