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Here you will find links to experimental and homebuilt pages, if anyone knows of appropriate links or has a page showing there own project. Submit Related Sites! Image copyright: by The Aviation Links Page © 1997-2013, Flightland.net © 2000-2013, Flightland.us © 2013

Kit Planes and Experimental Aircraft

Kitplanes - A magazine dedicated to experimental aircraft

Experimental Aircraft Association - Home Page

Official Guide to Experimental Aircraft

AVDB - An Experimental Aircraft Database

Homebuilt Homepage

Kit Manufactures

Capella Aircraft Corporation - Aparently this site has been lost if anyone knows of the new url please let me know.
Capco-Aviation - Impulse, Asso
Murphy Aircraft Mfg. Ltd. - Renegade, Maverick, Rebel, Elite, Super RebelL, Moose
Velocity Aircraft
Zenith Aircraft Company


STOL CH 701 André van den Elsen

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